Le développement des compétences rédactionnelles Chez des apprenants « bilingues avancés

MERAZGA, Ghazala (2015) Le développement des compétences rédactionnelles Chez des apprenants « bilingues avancés. Doctoral thesis, Université de Batna 2.

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At a period where the market brings a lot of multimedia tools that exploit internet in teaching in a very complicated way, the idea to elaborate FOUR content: French on University Writing Objectives to practice writing in an Algerian context seems to offer other directions. On the one hand, to answer teachers’ needs, particularly the beginners who confront an absence of ministerial programming, and facilitate a mechanism of supporting and integration/development of the writing competences in FLE at that advanced level. On the other hand, to initiate the learner to take into account the structures of convertible language. That is to say, to introduce, in a specific manner, major activities/practices to remedy the writing incompetence that fits their real level, their needs and their legitimate expectations. Such inability, which is confessed, should be controlled and overcome very quickly so as to follow and apply the university program of specialization. We have worked to see whether the FOUR courses facilitate the development and acquisition of writing competences’ norms for advanced bilingual students. These latter who, before being at the university, have never been given a chance to show their views about the school programs. That is why; we have suggested a negotiated and contextualized teaching, particularly with the establishment of the new system of LMD. Our research treats the writing dimensions as a teaching objective and, at the same time, a tool for knowledge transmission. Saying it otherwise, we tackle the writing practice which motivates/implies a desire for training that helps to construct operating, transferable, generally applicable, and mainly operational savoir-faire immediately. We have relied on a reasoning which can be summarized on the following steps:  Questionnaire (observation tool and discovery of the sample: specificities/ constraints);  Experimentation and collection of the corpus (carrying out of writings: pre-test and test/ presentation of the FOUR courses/activities);  Analysis of writings following the criteria of EVA and that of CERCL’s levels; 9  Providing suggestions for the development of the intended competences. The results confirm that the FOUR courses prove their effectiveness. They have provided a certain guarantee to this type of teaching as a fundamental factor to practice writing at the Algerian university for the FLE learners, and the implementation of a number of measures that initiate the student to an attractiveness/implication in a superior context of professionalization.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Uncontrolled Keywords: FLE at the Algerian university, FOUR (French on University Writing Objectives), development, writing competences, contextualized teaching/ learning, advanced bilingual.
Subjects: Lettres et langues étrangères
Divisions: Faculté des lettres et langues étrangères > Département de langue française
Date Deposited: 25 Apr 2022 11:33
Last Modified: 25 Apr 2022 11:33
URI: http://eprints.univ-batna2.dz/id/eprint/358

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