Contribution to the prediction of edge defects in an elastic plate using SH waves

MOHAMMEDI, Brahim (2019) Contribution to the prediction of edge defects in an elastic plate using SH waves. Doctoral thesis, Université de Batna 2.

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The interaction of guided Shear Horizontal (SH) waves with the beveled free end of a semi-infinite plate is analytically and numerically investigated. The material of the plate is assumed to be elastic, homogenous, and isotropic. The plate with edge defect is modeled as a combination of a semi-infinite region with traction free surfaces and a bounded wedged region, separated by a common boundary. The analytical solution of the vertical free end case for the two regions is derived and used in verifying the numerical implementation. In this study, two single incident modes SH0 and SH1 were used individually in order to analyze the corresponding reflected modes from the free end. The numerical solution is determined for a wide range of frequencies and bevel angles. Specifically, the elastic energy carried by the reflected modes is reported for selected beveled angles and incident frequencies. The validity and accuracy of the results are checked by satisfaction of the energy conservation principle with a tight error tolerance less than 0.001 percent. The analytical approach proposed in this thesis contribute to the understanding of the interaction of guided SH waves with defects and shows that this method can be an efficient guidelines for non-destructive testing of plates

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Bevel end; Edge defect; Elastic plate; SH waves; Wave function
Subjects: Technologie > Génie mécanique
Divisions: Faculté de technologie > Département de génie mécanique
Date Deposited: 21 Jul 2019 09:19
Last Modified: 21 Jul 2019 09:19

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